• Mackerel lacquered in Saba and marinated
    with squid ink cream rice

  • Poached egg, cooked and raw first fruits from the garden,
    prosciutto crudo jelly
    ¥ 2,500

  • White grouper carpaccio, cod fish with mayonnaise,
    and garlic oil with banboo charcoal
    ¥ 3,000

Pasta dishes

  • Pasta ventaglietti with saffron scallops
    and his Florentine tripe
    ¥ 5,000

  • Risotto with extract of tomato, capers, paprika
    and prawn from Hokkaido
    ¥ 5.000

  • Home made pasta “Paglia e fieno”
    with sausage and chestnut
    ¥ 4.000

  • Tortelli stuffed ossobuco,
    cream of “Shadow Queen”, potato crumbs in gremolata
    ¥ 4.000

Main Courses

  • Itoyori fillets wrapped in Tuscan bread,
    fish soup and mussels marinara style
    ¥ 7,000

  • Amadai with crispy scales and Chita brand shiitake mushroom,
    mushrooms consommé, potatoes and spinach puree
    ¥ 8,000

  • Roasted pigeon filled with sausage, “ghiotta” sauce
    ¥ 12,000

  • Roasted venison thigh meet,
    Tleggio cheese fondue and burdocks
    ¥ 8,000

  • Roast Hida bland beef loin, cauliflower croquette stuffed
    with beef cheek, mozzarella and anchovy bread sauce
    ¥ 13,000

Our Desserts

  • Lemon flavor of pear, “Procopio ice cream”
    whole grain biscuit, Milanese short crust pastry and grappa sabayon
    ¥ 1,800

  • Chestnut mousse and waffle, Tuscan neccio with ricotta cream
    honey ice cream and pine nut praline
    ¥ 1,800

  • Composition of white milk and coffee:
    coffee foam and sauce, frozen meringue and milk ice cream,
    milk jelly and biscuit
    ¥ 1,800

  • Seven consistenccies steps of chocolate
    with cocoa sherbet
    ¥ 1,800

  • Assortment of ice-creams and sherbets
    ¥ 1,800