• Crab meat with crispy polenta, cloud ear mushrooms
    and crustacean sauce

  • Snails sauté with parsley and broccoli, almond and
    slice of cauliflower
    4,000 yen

  • Sliced venison salad with chestnut cream
    and puree of ground cherry

Pasta dishes

  • “Gnudi” with ricotta cheese and spinach, squid with white wine,
    tomato cream and olive oil with basil
    4,000 yen

  • Cappelletti filled with porcini mushrooms in consommé

  • Tagliatelle filled with cod fish with sautéed radicchio
    and black olives
    4,000 yen

  • “Spaghetti alla chittara” with poached eggs,
    fondue of pecorino cheese and white truffle
    (Start late October)
    10,000 yen

Main Courses

  • Fillet of turbot cooked in a casserole,
    beef sauce vinegar and herbs
    with sautéed chard , cube of potato and lemon cream
    7,500 yen

  • Sautéed Kinki with salicornia
    and stuffed mussels with sausage
    7,000 yen

  • Grilled beef fillet and rapes
    with fresh black pepper
    12,000 yen

  • Fried pigeon breast with porcini powder
    and deep fried thigh in olive oil
    with sautéed mushrooms and clams
    9,000 yen

  • Pork fillet “Saltimbocca” style,
    fried polenta and red onions in sour and sweet sauce
    8,000 yen

Our Desserts

  • Fig cake our style: roasted, fresh in puree
    with Vin Santo ice-cream,
    almond biscuit and Milano style short pastry
    1,500 yen

  • Light coffee meringue, soft creamy milk,
    ice-cream with Tonka beans and star anise sauce
    1,500 yen

  • Chestnut composition: cream, waffle, Tuscan chestnut
    biscuit, milk ice cream and red wine sauce
    1,500 yen

  • Milk chocolate mousse, cocoa caramel and soft biscuit,
    hazelnut ice cream and pear with white wine
    1,500 yen

  • Assortment of ice-creams and sherbets
    1,500 yen