• Soppressata prism with Japanese mandarin,
    beetroot with chilli pepper, crispy broccoli and marinated endive

  • Poached eggc and Kumano bland chicken and leek salad,
    with zucchini cream and crisspy porcini, bread, pistachio and bresaola

  • Steamed abalone with green gaspacho,
    marinated soy beans with basil,
    jelly of white balsamic vinegar and cucumber powder


  • Spinach cavatelli pasta with mussels, beans, basil and coriander

  • Ravioli filled with amatriciana,
    red onion and butter cream, and pink pepper form

  • Tagliolini with sea urchins and aging mimolette


  • Sauteed sea bass, asparagus cream with parsley and lemon, crema di a tepenade of olives

  • Steamed Nodoguro with rice cream,
    white turnip with saffron and bottarga


  • Roasted beef rump and eggplant with oregano,
    chard with garlic, oil and chilli pepper and marinated chiitake

  • Selle of lamb with artichokes and nduja sausegge,
    roasted carrot with Tequila and thyme, and carrot cream

  • Roasted duck breast with salsify with almond milk,
    purple cabbage in sour and sweet and spicy sauce

Our Desserts

  • Peach comport in rosé wine, rose sherbet,
    frozen lychee powder , biscuit of raspberry and peach

  • Spuma and white pastry with almond milk,
    chamomile ice cream, lemon jelly and fresh Miyazaki mango

  • Creamy Tahitian vanilla, pistachio praline ice cream,
    marinated cherries and blackcurrant caramel and wholemeal sablé

  • Milk chocolate mousse,
    white coffee sorbet and light coffee biscuit,
    crunchy baked chocolate and a drizzle of soft ganache

  • Assortment of ice-creams and sherbets