• Egg in a light pastry, with vegetables, sechuan pepper
    anchovies, and pistachios
    3,000 yen

  • Fillets of marinated sole, cauliflower, bell pepper, artichoke
    in “ bagna cauda”, hazelnut mayonnaise and “ bagnetto rosso”
    4,000 yen

  • Crab: in salad and shiitake mushroom fry,
    with burrata cheese

Pasta dishes

  • Home made tagliolini with spinach, botargo,
    bacon and sea urchins
    5,000 yen

  • Tortelli filled with goat cheese,
    sautéed -but not boiled before- with tomato and basil sauce
    4,500 yen

  • Half paccheri with baby squids, white wine,
    saffron and red bean cream with rosemary flavour
    4,000 yen

Main Courses

  • Fillet of Nodoguro fish in a thin slice of bread,
    fennel slowly cooked in olive oil, plus some turban shell sauce
    8,500 yen

  • Sautéed turbot with spices and white cabbage fry
    8,500 yen

  • Beef fillet wraped in bread crumbs,
    with carrots flavoured with paprika, pumpkin compòte,
    raisins and pine-nuts
    12,000 yen

  • Duck breast roasted with cocoa beans,
    served with a sweet potato tart and coffee sauce
    9,000 yen

  • Gamecock cooked very slowly “in porchetta”;
    black salsify pudding and spinach salad with walnuts
    8,000 yen

Our Desserts

  • Meringue semifreddo,
    strawberry coulis and basil jelly
    1,500 yen

  • Three Mascarpone creams,
    hazelnut ice-cream and orange sauce
    1,500 yen

  • Apple compote with very thin biscuits,
    spicy bread ice cream and caramel sauce
    1,500 yen

  • Mousse and waffle with dark chocolate,
    black truffle ice cream and hot chocolate
    1,500 yen

  • Assortment of ice-creams and sherbets
    1,500 yen