• Grilled asparagus with slices of beef bresaola,
    rocket and sea urchin sauce
    ¥2,500 (¥3.025)

  • Whole meal crepe with prawn, boiled artichokes,
    lampredotto salad dressed with green sauce
    ¥3,500 (¥4.235)

  • Scalded cuttlefish, turnip, polenta and kele cream,
    bottarga, fennel oli and cuttlefish ink biscuit
    ¥3,000 (¥3.630)


  • Potato gnocchi stuffed with goat cheese and basil pesto,
    "Nagoya Cochin bland chicken" cream with lemon
    ¥4.000 (¥4.840)

  • Spaghetti alla chitarra with garlic , olive oil and chilli pepper
    with deep fried anchovies , bread crumbs and dried vegetables
    ¥4.000 (¥4.840)

  • Saffron fravor pasta “Mezze maniche”
    with scallops, butter, sage and bay leaf powder
    ¥4.000 (¥4.840)

Main Course

  • Fried flag fish filled with pine nuts, raisins, lemon,
    fennel cream and fish soupe
    ¥8,000 (¥ 9.680)

  • Fillet of bonito slowly cooked in olive oil,
    courgette flowers stuffed with shellfish ragù and citrus sauce
    ¥9,000 (¥ 10,890)

  • Pork loin wrapped in lard with peppers,
    Muscat rhubarb puree and spice sauce
    ¥9,000 (¥ 10.890)

  • Grilled duck breast with
    Japanese mountain tuber in carriage,
    composed of carrot and sauce of its livers
    ¥10,000 (¥ 12,100)

  • Roasted beef rump,
    stewed veal kidney and vegetables with sauce peposo
    ¥12,000 (¥14.520)

Our Desserts

  • Mousse and coconut sorbet,
    flan with passion fruit and fresh mango
    ¥1,800 (¥2.178)

  • Composition of peach: mousse, jelly, puree, comport
    with lemon balm and frozen yogurt powder

    ¥1,800 (¥2.178)

  • Sandwich of Enoteca original chocolate “Unique 1972”
    with dried fruit praline and cocoa bean sherbet
    ¥1,800 (¥2.178)

  • Assortment of ice-creams and sherbets
    ¥1,800 (¥2.178)