• Cod sandwich, pickled vegetables with vinegar,
    rocket cream and celery sherbet

  • Fried free-range chicken egg in meringue,
    laurel powder, green asparagus and Taleggio cheese

  • Marinated Kinmedai slices in smoked vinegar,
    almond cream with tea, chickpea, fried coriander and marinated radishes


  • Mezze maniche (half sleeves) pasta with fresh tomato, in fish soup and basil oil

  • Roasted ravioli (not boiled) by wheat from slash-and-burn farm,
    saffron and mushroom cream, Parmigiano Reggiano foam

  • Agnolotti pasta filled with duck stewed,
    pecorino cheese fondue, walnut oil and spinach

  • Capellini with squid ink,
    mushroom cream, sea urchin and chives


  • Sautéed Turbot with garlic,
    burdoc, capers and yuzu with red wine

  • Roasted fillet of trout,
    burdoc, capers and yuzu with red wine and cabbage


  • Breaded and fried chicken breast,
    smoked scamorza, turnip gratin with fresh black pepper and truffle

  • Crispy baby pork,
    cream of eel in carpione and purple cabbage with pink pepper

  • Steamed then grilled beef fillet in ginger and basil,
    steamed and then grilled,spring onion with anchovies and fried polenta


Our Desserts
-The desserts of Kohei Shima Pastry chef -

  • Creamy Blonde Chocolate,
    salted hazelnut ice cream, caramelized banana and caper jelly

  • Japanese mandarins in Tuscan olive oil,
    fior di latte ice cream with pepper,
    toffee biscuit, candied peas and Parmigiano Reggiano

  • Strawberry cake: mousse, coulis, caramel, coconut sorbet, yogurt wafer and almond streusel

  • Vanilla Soufflé with cantuccio di Prato ice cream and vinsanto sauce

  • Assortment of ice-creams and sherbets