• Nagoya brand chicken salad with asparagus
    and crispy white fish

  • Sardines sandwich
    with balsamic vinegar and olive ice cream
    ¥ 2,500

  • Octopus salad with caviar, potatoes in olive oil,
    celery cream and sea urchin sauce
    ¥ 3,000

Pasta dishes

  • “Spaghetti alla chitarra”with turnips, garlic oil, chili pepper
    and bottarga with bread crumbs
    ¥ 4,000

  • Tagliolimi with cocoa,
    courgette pesto and Tuscan rabbit ragout
    ¥ 4.000

  • Rissotto with crab, lemon and broad beans and mint
    ¥ 4.000

  • Ravioli filled with “pappa al pomodoro”
    Mirasaka ricotta cheese and cream of peas
    ¥ 4.000

Main Courses

  • Roasted mebaru
    in garmugia soup and parmesan breadstick
    ¥ 7,000

  • Crispy kinmedai with rice powder and basil,
    fried courgette-flower filled with mozzarella cheese
    and yellow tomato sauce

  • Roasted duck breast with honey and spices,
    mango and turnip chutney
    ¥ 10,000

  • Roasted baby pork
    with cabbage stew and fried polenta with taleggio cheese
    ¥ 8,000

  • Roasted lamb cutlet, potato tart with thyme
    and tomato powder, “cacciatora” sauce and apple cream
    ¥ 12,000

Our Desserts

  • Marinated strawberries, light basil biscuit,
    milk form and frozen yogurt powder

  • Soup and cream of blood orange,
    lychee sherbet and almond jelly

  • Form of mascarpone, vanilla flan ice cream,
    pecan nuts biscuit, caramel sauce and banana

  • Dark chocolate mousse,
    ice cream and pistachio cream and cocoa bean wafer

  • Assortment of ice-creams and sherbets