• Potato "Inka no Mezame" and Pecorino Toscano cheese mousse,
    slices of bresaola and laurel powder

  • Topinambur stew and cream, with scallops,
    chicory with bottarga and yoghurt mayonnaise

  • Squid carpaccio with turnip and white balsamic vinegar,
    savory tart with “nduiya” and pine nuts oil


  • "Tordellini" of salama, saffron cream,
    pistachio pesto and chamomile jelly

  • Spaghetti alla chitarra with garlic , olive oil and chili pepper
    with deep fried anchovies , bread crumbs and dried vegetables

  • Umbricelli pasta with wild boar ragout with Japanese leek in the oven


  • Steamed Amadai fillet,
    reduced cacciucco, chard with mustard and tomato oil

  • Sautéed turbot with olive oil and sage flavor,
    cream of chicken, endive with honey and lemon


  • Venison and mushrooms in bread crust,
    fresh peanut cream, black garlic and bamboo wrapped in lard

  • Roasted duck breast, celeriac cream, apple,
    orange pancake and dolce forte sauce

  • Fillet of beef au gratin with hazelnuts,
    cream of squash and pickled shitake mushrooms

Our Desserts

  • Lemongrass pear with Earl Gray tea ice cream,
    panna cotta with coconut, lemon scent

  • Yuzu parfait, persimmon compote,
    crunchy hazelnut and apricot gel

  • Bignolata with chocolate: dark chocolate cream puffs,
    light rum zabaglione, smoked milk sorbet and long Java pepper

  • Creamy chestnuts and black currant,
    lavender sorbet, dry meringue sticks and red wine jelly

  • Assortment of ice-creams and sherbets