• Crab meat salad
    with green asparagus and caviar
    5,500 yen

  • Stracchino cheese and seasonal vegetable
    with fresh tomato cream
    5,000 yen

  • Rabbit croquette filled with scamorza and Taggiasca olives;
    roman lettuce on the grill

Pasta dishes

  • Home made squid ink pasta “Pici ” with sea urchin
    5,000 yen

  • Risotto with basil and lemon,
    squids with white wine
    4,500 yen

  • Ravioli filled with “amatriciana”
    and flavoured with butter and black pepper
    4,500 yen

Main Courses

  • Crispy Amadai with turban shell,
    turnip and peanut cream
    9,000 yen

  • Filet of cod fish from Hakodate, eggplant and paprica
    with garlic and red pepper sauce
    7,500 yen

  • Roasted veal loin with polenta and corns,
    porcini mushroom sauce
    12,000 yen

  • Sauted venison from Mie with pistach,
    parsnip and apricot
    9,000 yen

  • Roasted pigeon
    with carrots puree with vinegar and lever sauce
    8,500 yen

Our Desserts

  • Semifreddo of lime with soup and granita of mint
    1,500 yen

  • Peach comport and coconut sherbet with raspberry sauce
    and rose foam
    1,500 yen

  • Mango: Fresh, jerry and caramel mango
    with time ice-cream and Tahitian vanilla cream
    1,500 yen

  • Water and cocoa: cocoa foam, sherbet, biscuit
    and frozen water meringue
    1,500 yen

  • Assortment of ice-creams and sherbets
    1,500 yen