• Shrimp tails with lard di Colonnata,
    saffron sauce and sweet and sour shallots

  • Scallop from Hokkaido,
    jerusalem artichokes with anchovy and hazelnut
    4,000 yen

  • Marinated yellowtail with olive oil, capers, bacon and leeks,
    mushroom cream and fish milt croquettes

Pasta dishes

  • Tagliatelle with rocket butter, grilled sardines
    and crispy pork with fennel
    4,500 yen

  • Agnolotto filled with ossobuco and potatoes,
    veal sauce and Parmigiano Reggiano fondue

  • Black disc pasta with cooked game cock in a pan
    and egg yolk with mustard
    2,300 yen

  • Risotto with pumpkin juice, abalone with white wine
    and marinated veal nerves

Main Courses

  • Fillet of turbot cooked in a casserole, beef sauce and herbs
    with chard, cube of potato and lemon cream
    7,000 yen

  • Cod fish cooked on the skin with cauliflower,
    garlic, olive oil and chili, shellfish sauce
    7,500 yen

  • Beef fillet cooked in olive oil,
    artichokes with gin and juniper
    12,500 yen

  • Duck breast grilled on the charcoal, purple cabbage
    and spicy garlic cream
    9,000 yen

  • Roasted loin and fillet of lamb
    with quinoa, red leek with’nduja and black olives sauce
    8,000 yen

Our Desserts

  • Apple terrine with cinnamon cream, steamed biscuit
    and yogurt sherbet
    1,500 yen

  • Crispy puff pastry with vanilla cream,
    pistachio ice-cream and strawberry soup
    1,500 yen

  • Tuscan rice cake,
    salty caramel ice cream, mandarin sauce
    1,500 yen

  • Chocolate mousse,
    dark chocolate palet filled with liquid chocolate,
    cocoa biscuits and coffee ice-cream with pecan nuts
    1,500 yen

  • Assortment of ice-creams and sherbets
    1,500 yen